The Solar Process

Step One: Contact Us

You can evaluate your property’s solar potential to go solar by using this solar map from CUNY. While New York City is ripe for solar power, some properties may be better than others for various reasons ranging from the amount of shade your roof receives to its proximity to the coast. If you need help determining the results of the map query feel free to contact us for help.

Got your results?  It’s time to contact us! It’s simple, use one of the contact forms on this website to get in touch with one of our professionals who can answer any questions about your home’s solar potential and help you begin the process.

To expedite the process it is helpful to have your ConEd bill and information available when you speak to us on the phone. This helps us assist you in determining the energy savings that will come from going solar.

Now, use the get a quote tool on this website. Want to talk to us in person?  Give us a call! Often times a rough quote can be provided during your initial phone call if all information is provided. During this time you will get an overview of the federal and state tax incentives that are available to you.

After we review just how much you can save by going solar we can go over the many ways that you can pay for your new solar system. Of course, you can pay all at once.  This will allow you to be eligible for the most financial incentives.

However, this might not be the way you wish to proceed. If so we provide the following options:

Apply for a loan using SunGage Financial. We partner with SunGage to give various financial options to our customers. The application is quick and easy and we can help you navigate the process.

You may also opt to lease a system through our partnerships with SunPower and Sungevity. While we do not provide direct leasing options we are partnered with companies that can do. We can assist you in the lease process.

Step Two: Free Solar Survey


We provide free solar surveys to all potential customers. During this survey we will need access to your roof, basement, and attic.  At this time we will be taking measurements of your roof and attic, as well as using our technology to determine how much sunlight your roof receives yearly. Using this information we can properly design a system that will be most effective for your home.

Step Three: Design, Prepare, Install

 DESIGN: Combined with our architectural partners we will use the info from the solar survey to design the most efficient solar panel system. Our goal is to offset as much of your energy bill as possible, allowing you to save the most money. We custom design each system so there’s no outsourcing. Each design takes advantage of your specific home, with Voltaic Solaire there is no one-size-fits-all.  We are committed to ensuring you get the system that best fits both your needs and roof.

PREPARE: As you wait for the design to be finished by our architects and get ready for us to install we will expedite the process to ensure you can begin to save as soon as possible. Throughout this process our team will take care of all necessary permitting and once the installation is complete we will coordinate with the Department of Buildings to schedule an inspection. Following inspection we will coordinate with ConEd to get your system turned on.

INSTALL: When the final plans are complete and approved we will work with you on scheduling installation. The installation process takes between one to two days depending on the size of your system.

Step Four: Turn it on, Enjoy your savings

After we complete your installation, your utility company will install a net meter and will give you the green light to turn it on. We will then give you instruction on how to monitor your solar energy system and see the savings!

The latest numbers from the NYSERDA Sun Initiative show that once your system is up and running the average customer will save 85 percent on their energy bill.

Remember, beyond your energy savings our experienced team will help you save on your system by taking advantage of tax incentives offered by the state, local, and federal governments. Incentive amounts will depend on system size, but the current NYSERDA rebate is @ .50 per watt installed which is given at the time of installation.

25% NYS tax credit
30% Federal tax credit.
20% property tax abatement spread evenly over 4 years.

Between NYSERDA and the various available tax incentives, 78% of your system cost is recouped after the first year of installation, in addition to your energy savings.