Special Structures

We understand that each roof has its unique characteristics, which is why we design and install these specialized structures to maximize energy production efficiently.

Canopy System

Step into the future of solar solutions with our innovative Canopy System. Crafted for rooftops with limited space, this raised structure redefines possibilities. Perfect for New York’s unique rooftops, it symbolizes a leap forward in tailored solar elegance. Explore the boundless potential of clean energy, tailored to the city’s skyline.

Tilt-Up System

Experience solar efficiency at its best with our Tilt-Up System. Tailored not only for roofs with abundant space but also for expansive grounds like houses with garden areas. This versatile option maximizes energy production, strategically tilting the panels for optimal sun exposure during key hours. Practical and efficient, it’s the choice for those who seek solar power without spatial constraints.

Ballast System

For roofs that demand delicacy, our Ballast System steps in with grace. Supported by concrete bases and a slight inclination, it’s the ideal non-penetrative solution. Perfect for delicate roofs or open ground installations, this system guarantees efficient energy production without compromising structural integrity.

Ground-Mount System

Experience solar freedom with our Ground-Mount System, a perfect fit for commercial projects and expansive landscapes. These solar panels set up directly on the ground, offering flexibility with standard or pole mount installations. Ideal for large plots of land, it’s a versatile solution that maximizes solar potential for ambitious projects.

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