Solar Makes Sense

The decision to go solar is important, yet simple.  In the end adding a solar system to your roof will allow you to save on your energy bills while simultaneously having a positive effect on the environment.  

Over the past decade, there has been a dramatic increase in home solar systems, as the benefits of going solar have become increasingly clear. Home solar system installation has grown almost 75% annually since 2008 due to significant declines in manufacturing costs. Because of this and increased financial incentives more solar panels have been installed in the U.S. over the last 24 months than in the previous 30 years combined.

This rapid growth has been driven by homeowners looking to save money, increase the value of their homes, help the environment, and achieve energy independence. While solar adoption was once inspired primarily by a desire to support the environment, the compelling economic benefits of installing a home solar systems are now a key reason many homeowners are making the decision to go solar. Simplified installation processes, coupled with significant cost savings, are supporting the projections for continued high growth in solar for the foreseeable future.

How do photovoltaic solar systems work?

Solar systems are made up of Photovotalic panels, microinverters, BOS (Balance of System) components, and net meters.

The process begins when PV Panels on home collect energy from the sun.

Microinverters then take the direct current (or DC) power generated by your panels and convert it into alternating current (or AC) power, which your home will use. Energy efficient wires and cables that can handle the output from your solar energy system transfer the power to the net meter.

The net meter spins both backward and forward—measuring the electricity you’re buying as well as the excess electricity your panels are producing and sending back to the grid.

How much will I really save on my energy bills?

The latest numbers from the NYSERDA Sun Initiative  show that once your system is up and running the average customer will save 85 percent on their energy bill!

How much will a system cost me?

Installation costs in NYC are at an all time low, and current levels of rebates will allow you to recoup 55 percent of your original expense in the first year.  When you contact us to get a quote we will be able to inform you of exactly what incentives you could be eligible for.

To see all possible incentives you could be eligible for please check out the Database for State Incentives for Renewables and Efficiency (DSIRE)

The main incentives almost all homeowners will qualify for include:

  • Incentive amounts will depend on system size, but the current NYSERDA rebate is @ .50 per watt installed which is given at the time of installation.
  • 25% NYS tax credit
  • 30% Federal tax credit.
  • 20% property tax abatement spread evenly over 4 years.

We will guide you through the incentives process and help ensure that you are eligible for all available and applicable
As you can see Solar energy makes sense and allows you to save money on your energy bills while simultaneously having a positive effect on the environment.