Solar Incentives

Unlock Savings with New York Solar Incentives

Discover how New York homeowners can maximize savings and accelerate their journey to clean energy with a range of incentives.

At Voltaic Solaire, we’re committed to helping you make the most of these opportunities, ensuring a seamless transition to solar power while saving you money.

Residential Clean Energy Tax Credit (Formerly ITC)

The Residential Clean Energy Tax Credit, formerly known as the federal investment tax credit (ITC), allows you to reduce your solar panel system’s cost by 30%. This credit applies to your entire system, covering equipment, labor, permitting, and even sales tax.

Voltaic Solaire ensures you navigate this credit smoothly, maximizing your savings with expert guidance.

Megawatt Block Incentive

New York’s Megawatt Block Incentive, a part of the NY-Sun Initiative, offers upfront rebates for residential solar panel systems.

With incentives up to $800/kW for low-to-moderate income households, Voltaic Solaire helps you leverage this program to reduce your system’s cost effectively.

New York Solar Energy System Equipment Credit

Reduce your state tax bill by 25% (up to $5,000) with the New York Solar Energy System Equipment Credit. This credit covers solar panel systems purchased outright or through lease agreements, offering significant savings for homeowners. Voltaic Solaire ensures you take full advantage of this credit, optimizing your financial benefits.

This financing option covers all territories.

Net Metering and VDER Tariff

With net metering, homeowners can earn credits for excess electricity generated by their solar panels, reducing or even eliminating their electric bills.

While New York transitions to the Value of Distributed Energy Resource (VDER) tariffs, Voltaic Solaire guides you through the process, ensuring you maximize your savings and understand the benefits of each program.

Solar Tax Exemptions

Take advantage of New York’s solar tax exemptions, including sales tax exemption and property tax exemption. Voltaic Solaire helps you navigate these exemptions seamlessly, ensuring you save on installation costs and ongoing property taxes.

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