Get To Know Voltaic Solaire

“Voltaic Solaire is committed to changing the way energy is produced through education and installation of sustainable energy systems.
Our vision is to provide affordable local alternative energy choices over dependency on fossil fuels.”

Voltaic Solaire is a Brooklyn based alternative energy company that designs and installs customized and affordable solar energy and wind power systems for the urban, suburban, and rural environments.  We are leaders in our trade, fully certified by all major solar and electrical organizations.

Founded in 2009 by Master Electrician Carlos Berger, Voltaic Solaire has grown into one of New York City’s largest solar system installers. Being a licensed electrician since 1996 Berger brought over two decades of expertise to the table as he built his team of skilled solar tradesmen and women.  We are experts in renewable trades with a long track record of installing solar systems in all five boroughs.

In 2012, we were recognized for our work on the Delta Building, New York City’s first net-zero energy building.  The project showcased our ability to manage a project from design to install. As noted by the New York Times, “Voltaic Solaire is the general contractor for its projects. The team oversees details down to the light switch covers.”

To learn more about the Delta Building check out the video from CBS 2 New York below:

Voltaic Solaire is committed to establishing solar products as a premium building material that will last for generations. In addition, we support local industry, and when available, we use products made in the USA so as to contribute to a sustainable market.