Critter Damage

. Critter Damage


A significant risk for solar systems is any animal that can fit under your array. We're talking about critters who nest, feed, chew, and live their critter lives in and around solar panel installations.

The truth is every solar system can be vulnerable to critter damage. However, systems in wooded areas where tree branches hang close to rooftops allow squirrels to jump from branches to the solar system arrays.

Keep in mind that standard solar warranties would not protect any damage incurred by animals, and the best way to save yourself the inevitable hassle of dealing with the warranty company is to install a Critter Guard.

Critter Guards also prevent leaves, branches, and other flammable debris from accumulating under panels and near the wiring, thus preventing potential fire hazards. Depending on the type of racking initially mounted, we typically select the one most compatible with your solar system. You only need to Critter Guard one time, and the installation service is fast.
Call our professional installer & protect your investment from critters!
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