The decision to go solar is important, yet simple.  In the end adding a solar system to your roof will allow you to save on your energy bills while simultaneously having a positive effect on the environment.  

Over the past decade, there has been a dramatic increase in home solar systems, as the benefits of going solar have become increasingly clear. Home solar system installation has grown almost 75% annually since 2008 due to significant declines in manufacturing costs. Because of this and increased financial incentives more solar panels have been installed in the U.S. over the last 24 months than in the previous 30 years combined...Read More


“Voltaic Solaire is committed to changing the way energy is produced through education and installation of sustainable energy systems.
Our vision is to provide affordable local alternative energy choices over dependency on fossil fuels.”

Voltaic Solaire is a Brooklyn based alternative energy company that designs and installs customized and affordable solar energy and wind power systems for the urban, suburban, and rural environments.  We are leaders in our trade, fully certified by all major solar and electrical organizations.

Founded in 2009 by Master Electrician Carlos Berger, Voltaic Solaire has grown into one of New York City’s largest solar system installers. Being a licensed electrician since 1996 Berger brought over two decades of expertise to the table as he built his team of skilled solar tradesmen and women.  We are experts in renewable trades with a long track record of installing solar systems in all five boroughs.

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You can evaluate your property’s solar potential to go solar by using this solar map from CUNY. While New York City is ripe for solar power, some properties may be better than others for various reasons ranging from the amount of shade your roof receives to its proximity to the coast. If you need help determining the results of the map query feel free to contact us for help.

Got your results?  It’s time to contact us! It’s simple, use one of the contact forms on this website to get in touch with one of our professionals who can answer any questions about your home’s solar potential and help you begin the process.

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Below is an instant preview of the costs and incentives associated with a solar project at your home.  Please note these figures are subject to fluctuation.

My Solar estimate estimator solar wind calculator.

Check it out to see if your home is in our coverage area!

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